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The 5th Annual Word to the Wives Experience

March 16, 2019 Baltimore, MD

LADIES!! Get ready as Living The Vows presents “Word to the Wives- W.O.R.K”. We’re doing marriage a whole new way!


Karin HaysbertKristin Young has a keen way of breaking down the vows in a manner that caused ME to break down the walls that I had placed around my own heart. It renewed my commitment to the covenant that I had made with my husband and with God.

Karin H.

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Monday Morning Marriage-Minded Message 091216


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I will never forget that horrific day in August of 2000. I came home late morning/early afternoon from a babysitting...
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5 Fruitful Seeds to Plant for an Abundant Marriage

WOW!! The seasons are changing and we are upon the beauty of autumn once again. This is the season for new beginnings...
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Summer Marriage Maintenance

Happy Summer! We are halfway through the summer break already!! By now we have adjusted to our new norm for the...
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The Top 5 Pre-Marriage Conversations that Must be Discussed!

So this is that season once again! The weather is warming up, the flowers are coming up and we are perking up! This is...
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