Welcome to Cozy Coffee Conversations


“Cozy Coffee Conversations ” was started when Raymond and I were sitting down one night after putting our girls to bed. We decided to have a cup of coffee while we talked. This was a little outside of our norm however we were really just in the mood for something hot to drink. That night spontaneously turned out to be really great simply because we took the time to sit and just talk; not about the children, bills, or schedules, but just us.

The take away from that night was the realization of just how easy it is to have an affordable and meaningful date night and how much genuine conversation keeps couples close.

We are inviting you to join us in having a “Cozy Coffee Conversation” in your own home! It’s simple! Grab your favorite mug, your favorite coffee (we recommend Organo Gold), your favorite cozy seat in the house and your spouse and check here each week for a new topic of conversation to discuss together.


Kristin M. Young, Founder and Coach of Living the Vows

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This Month’s Cozy Conversation Starter:

I’m sure most couples have discussed this before, but it’s always fun to discuss and more important to remember! Think about the very first time  you saw your spouse. Did you meet him/her right away? If not, how long did it take to meet? What was your first impression? How did you feel? How did your spouse respond? What has improved since then and what has stayed the same?