My name is Kristin and I am the Marriage Enthusiast! I am excited to meet you!

Well, just like many of you, I am A LOT!

I am a wife, mother, student, teacher, speaker and marriage coach which all adds up to an amazing Entrepreneur!

Is it crazy? Heck, yeah!

But everything I am is everything I’ve been called to be and I will do it continually and intentionally until the day I die!


Here’s why…

From a very young age, I was in love with the idea of marriage. My parents were married. Both sets of my grandparents were married. Cinderella and Snow White were married. The Winslows, The Cosbys and The Keatons were all married with kids and careers and big family homes and laughter and lessons. I wanted that life!! I was determined to have my happily ever after.

As I grew through adolescence, I was on a hunt for my husband. Every guy I dated, I only dated if I considered him for marriage. And the pressure was on because my mother met my father when she was 15 so of course (in my mind) that meant I needed to find my husband in high school too. I was open to the cute, the bad and the ugly. This continued on through college. So instead of marrying my sweetheart right after college graduation like my mom, I ended a dead-end relationship instead. And I was determined not to have another. For the next three years I remained single, but still met a few guys and enjoyed some free meals along the way. But things were different. I was clearer about what I wanted and what I expected. My standards and my confidence were much higher. So much higher that when I met, my husband, I decided he was not the one after our first date and I was completely clear about that. The challenge was that he was completely clear that I was worth pursuing so he was not deterred by my nonchalance. Needless to say, he won. Nine months after I decided I would never go out with him again, I confidently said yes to his proposal. To say I was elated is clearly inaccurate. I was finally changing from “Ms.” To “Mrs.”

My journey to wifehood was wonderful. We had other newlywed friends that we were going to hang out with. We had similar career goals of working with children and families. We were on our way to creating our own dreams.

After we married is when the unexpected happened. Those happily married newlywed friends of ours slowly started to reveal that they were as unhappy as we thought they were happy. Of course we know couples go through tough moments, so I didn’t think it was a big deal… but it was. One by one, six different couples in our friend circle decided to separate and five of the six went through with the divorce. I was completely crushed. I was torn between which side of the couple to support. How do I support? But more importantly, why is this happening?!

As I embarked on my own emotional journey through the divorce of friends, my own marriage started to hit some bumps. I was still very much a newlywed living my ultimate dream, and yet all of the stories of revisiting singlehood sounded pretty tempting as I juggled my work schedule with my husband’s work schedule and his school schedule and a new born baby and the adjustment in household bills and another newborn baby and putting my schooling on hold…..yup. It was starting to click. I could see oh so clearly why divorce is so common. So, I did what I normally do. I accepted the challenge.

That challenge was a challenge for me to strengthen my marriage and live out my original dream in spite of all of the tempting alternatives that presented themselves. It was also a challenge for me to find a solution to kill that punk named “divorce” and show other couples how they can live and love to the fullest. That solution is Living The Vows.

Whether you’ve been married for 6 days and already had that second guessing moment during the honeymoon or you’ve been married for 12 years and feel you’ve done all you can do, we are here to support you.

My mission is simply this, to restore the beauty, respect and value that marriage deserves by reaching 3 million married couples who are committed to “Living the Vows…and LOVING it!”

I love connecting and networking so I expect to hear from you! You can find me on Facebook “Kristin Michelle Young” and please “like” our Living The Vows Facebook page here.

Live purposefully and love intentionally!