When I attended my first Living the Vows event two years ago, quite frankly, I didn’t know if it would turn the tide for me. I had been married for 18 years and experienced deep cycles of disappointment and frustration. I was seriously contemplating whether or not I wanted to continue being married!! Those feeling changed that day.

Kristin Young has a keen way of breaking down the vows in a manner that caused ME to break down the walls that I had placed around my own heart. I began to really examine how I had lived the vows towards my husband. It renewed my commitment to the covenant that I had made with my husband and with God.

Many times in marriage, we are so quick to point the finger at our spouses, but in that moment, I saw that it was ME who wasn’t living up to the vows that I made. It changed ME. Over the years, I have continued to work diligently on my marriage and myself and I can truly say that today, I am blissfully happy! Yes, we have still had challenges, but I always go back to myself and am I living the vows to course correct. Needless to say, I HIGHLY recommend Kristin Young and Living the Vows to any couple looking to save or re-energize marriages and for those preparing for marriage too. Thank you Kristin for your love and commitment to marriage and to making love last between married folks! We are celebrating 20 years this year. I am grateful for your work that helped to shift things for me.

Karin H.