Happy Summer! We are halfway through the summer break already!! By now we have adjusted to our new norm for the season. We’re a little more relaxed this time of year. Some of us are getting to work a little earlier because we don’t have to drop the kids off. Some of us are sleeping in because we’re at home with the kids. Many of us have a slightly easier commute to and from work. And most of us are counting down to (or reminiscing about) that special summer vacation! Whether it’s a weekend getaway or a week long excursion, this is the time we dream about all year! And then what?


So often we mention at the end of our honeymoon or a great vacation, “Well…back to reality.” Think about how much energy, thought and planning we put into our weddings and honeymoons. We save and we plan and we dream until that big day finally arrives! We bask in the glorious moments of that one day, weekend or 7days of relaxation, pampering, new adventures, great food, and then…back to reality. It makes me wonder what we are creating as our reality and why we don’t accept our vacations and special moments as..well…reality.


As we journey through life as married women, it is important to remember that every day is our reality and how we choose to live it is our gift to our spouses. Don’t fall into the trap of building your marriage on “the escape”. This is when you let day after day whiz by as you wait in anticipation for the next big event. The escape is your time to get away from the norm. I’ll have more time to listen when I get all of this housework done.” “If I didn’t have to run the kids around I could cook different meals.” “When I’m relaxed on vacation we’ll have sex 3 times a day!” It sounds “realistic” but what you’re really saying is “I’m not willing to make time for you right now.” Keep in mind that summertime brings less clothes and more opportunities. You don’t want your husband wandering while you wait for that magical vacation. Keep your man’s eyes and thoughts on you all throughout the year with these fun summer marriage maintenance tips:


  1. Plan a sunrise/sunset viewing from home. Sit back, relax and start or end your day enjoying each other’s company with beautiful scenery.


  1. Give your husband a suntan lotion massage before going to work. Keep his skin protected and his mind racing!


  1. Have a “Wesie” and a “Youie” photoshoot. Take pictures together and then give him his own photoshoot with you as the director.


  1. Make an exotic meal and a cool dessert. Create a meal inspired by his favorite vacation spot.


  1. Plan a date day. Take the day off from work and plan a memorable day that he can smile about at work for the rest of the month.


  1. Go to a water park or pool. Getting wet together on a hot summer day is always a great day spent!


  1. Eat popsicles on the steps of your home. Enjoy the night air and the quiet time, just perfect for conversation. And if you’re feeling silly, go chase some fireflies!


The way to keep vacation mode in your everyday life is to simply plan. Schedule a day off from work to spend together. Set aside an evening to turn the phones off and your husband on! The closer you are, the harder it is to separate. Create your marriage with daily intentions and desires and you will experience more of the “happily ever after.”


Kristin M. Young is a wife, mother student, teacher, speaker, coach and marriage ENTHUSIAST! She founded Living the Vows as a platform to promote the joys of marriage and to minimize the perils of divorce. Kristin and her husband, James, have been living the vows through a victorious marriage and are committed to guiding other couples into the greatness that marriage was meant to be. They are the proud parents of 5 beautiful children and 5 grandchildren. See what she has for you at www.livingthevows.com.